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Name & Residence: Tasha M. Smith Minneapolis, MN > Chicago and Northern Suburbs

Bio: My ten years of experience as a photographer, a struggling artist, has given me the experience of ups and downs, highs and lows. 
This is not your traditional bio, it's me being totally honest.
Since I have been an artist my entire life, I understand that I have been given the chance to show the world my perspective. I enjoy the changes and popularity of photography as it evolves into something everyone can express.
Photography is the one art form that almost everyone has tried, they haven't been intimidated to take a shot, as opposed to drawing or painting, how fascinating! Ultimately, being a photographer has helped me grow into the person I am today. Nowadays, photography is the quickest and easiest way to connect. In the past, I haven't felt this way about the evolution of photography, but that's only because I was drowning in comparisons and fear of losing myself. However, photography has been a constant in my life, a part of my identity. I have nurtured my photography over the past decade and have found immense joy and peace through it. The goal of my photography sessions is to provide you with that sense of immense joy and peace.  


My Work:

In 2012 I put a project together called, I Have No Flaws at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. This project was meant to build relationships with men and women to portray our most vulnerable and beautiful selves. In this project, people were challenged to get a professional photo taken of them without makeup, as themselves, and to promote that photo throughout their social media accounts. Those values remain the same for my sessions today. I will not edit your “flaws” as they are a part of who we are and that is beautiful. You get one body and one face, this is who we are, and society can screw off with their lies and false standards. 


Although I have photographed a few weddings in the past, I have never committed to being a wedding photographer exclusively. However, I tend to focus on smaller and more intimate events. I offer elopement packages to better suit your needs. Thus, I can offer my services at a lower cost than a typical wedding photographer, yet still be able to capture all the intricacies and important details of such a momentous occasion. 


In my galleries, you can see that I have delved into portrait and fashion photography. These interests resonate with me on a very creative level. In both my personal and creative lives, I thrive when I can spend one on one time with someone. Whether or not you are photographing someone for creative purposes or for raw purposes, both have an aesthetic that reflects a deeper meaning.


The Intimacy with Nature and Patterns and Texture galleries contain my fine art photography. The world around us displays its art at every turn. I find therapeutic value in photographing the simplicities, details, and beauty around me. You can purchase the photos displayed in these two galleries by contacting me.


Lastly, I have documented my day-to-day life in two galleries; Lifestyle & Travel. A no-pressure type of photography, the type you take while hanging out or simply taking a stroll. In a way, it's like a snapshot of your life that you take in your own memory, but it's shared.



These days I find myself leaning towards one on one projects, family portraits, and specializing in intimate weddings and/or elopements. If you need photos that speak on a more personal level or looking for a creative edge, I'm ya girl.

For more information on any type of photo session, please contact me!

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